Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Robert E. Howard

John Watkiss has officially been announced as the artist for the next volume of Robert E. Howard stories, titled Dark Agnes and Othe Historical Adventures.

Proud, poor, beautiful, her flaming red hair cascading onto her shoulders, Agnes de la Fere faces an arranged marriage to a brutal husband in 16th Century France. Cutting short the ceremony with a dagger-stroke, Agnes flees to escape her abusive father and follow the guidon of Guiscard de Clisson, a mercenary captain bound  for the warring states of Renaissance Italy. Dark Agnes’ instinctive skill in combat wins her the name of Sword Woman. That skill is tested on the coast of France, where she foils a plot by Britain’s devious Cardinal Wolsey to undermine  the French king, and again in the benighted alleys of Chartres, as she faces the  vengeance of an executed sorcerer who will not die.

Look for more news and release dates soon!